What Is Magnesia Cupel?

Magnesia cupels are made of a special mixture of Magnesium Oxide and fluxing ingredients that are used for smelting and assaying. Because of their specialty, magnesia cupels are widely applied for precious metal analysis, mineral assaying, gold assaying, fire assaying, mining laboratory and laboratory testing.

Functions of Magnesia Cupels

The purpose of magnesia cupels is to smelt or assay precious metals. Cupellation refers to the refining process in metallurgy with a unique controlled operations to separate precious metals from base metals which present in the ore under high temperature condition. Under high temperature, the precious metals do not oxidize or react easily that results in separating apart from the base metals which would react to be other compounds or slags.

Features of Magnesia Cupels

  • High Refractoriness

Due to the main ingredient, Magnesium Oxide, the magnesia cupels have good performance in refractoriness and can resist the erosion of alkaline flux such as Lead Oxide. The high refractoriness of our magnesia cupels can reach up to 1100 centigrade degrees as tested.

  • Low Losses

The cupellation temperature and time are largely reduced and after ash blowing, the surface of magnesia cupels is smooth without pits.

  • No Splitting of Lead
  • Rapid Absorbing of Litharge without Leaking

Magnesia cupels can rapidly absorb 70% of large quantity of litharge.

  • Superior Mechanical Strength
  • High Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Long-lasting

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