What is fire assay? Crucibles

Products For bottom pouring, a monolithic, rammed lining, slip plane, or quick-change, crucible-basket-assembly may be needed. Atomising or metering can be done with the casting manufacturing system.

Fire Assay Ceramics

FIRE ASSAY CLUCIBLES are used in preparation of the lead button. These crucibles are strong and resistant to erosion, as well as able to withstand extreme thermal shocks from the furnace. TSR can be increased by including fused silica.

SCORIFIERS are able to perform the same function of removing the gangue but without using a furnace.

Cupellation involves the oxidization of lead to litharge, which (PbO) is most commonly absorbed by the CUPEL. This leaves a bead consisting of most of the precious metals, including most of the gold and silver. The cupels provided are made from magnesite, which has a controlled pores structure to absorb litharge quickly. This leaves an easily-removeable bead.

BULLION BLOCKS are available with 4-14 cups per block in the same material as the cupels.