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What is fire assay and crucibles?

Products A monolithic rammed, slip-plane, and possibly an outer-sleeve, are all required to support the crucible. For bottom pouring, atomizing or metering tools may also be required. The casting manufacturing process allows for special shapes, such as ladles and tundishes.

Fire Assay Ceramics

FIRE ASSSAY CRUCIBLES can be used to prepare the lead buttons, as well as the precious metal samples, for cupellation. These crucibles offer high mechanical strength and resistance to erosion as well as the ability to withstand severe thermal stress from the assay furnace. TSR is increased by the addition of fused Silica to the mix.

SCORIFIERS can perform the same task, removing the glaze, but without using an oven.

Cupellation results in the formation of litharge (PbO) from lead. Most of it is absorbed into the CUPEL. Cupels made from magnesite have a controlled porous structure for fast absorption of Litharge.

BULLION BLOCKS are available with as many as 4 to 14 cups per blocks, made from the same magnesite materials that the cupels.