Searching For Fire Assaying Crucible Manufacturer?
  • What Is Fire Assaying?

Fire assaying is a quantitative determination in which one or more metals are separated from impurities by melting process and weighed to determine the content of the original sample. Fire assay crucible is a special tool for fire assaying.


Fire assaying is a popular method to determine the metal content of ores by analyzing ores containing precious metals (such as gold, silver and platinum).


  • What Is Fire AssayingCrucible?

Fire assaying crucible is a kind of ceramic product rolled by refractory clay and special additives, which is used to analyze precious metals by fire assaying method.


In the process of fire assay conditions, the mixture is put into the fire assaying crucible and fused at a relatively high temperature. Thus, the metal oxide in the sample is reduced.


  • Looking For The Best Crucible For Fire Assaying?

Xing Tai Long provides high quality fire assay crucibles for gold smelting. Liling Xing Tai Long Special Ceramic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fire assay crucibles from China.


Fire assay is considered to be the most reliable method to determine precious metals in ores. In the process of fire assay, crucible is a key equipment. Xing Tai Long’s fire assay crucible will meet your fire assaying needs.


Xing Tai Long’s strong and durable fire assay crucibles are made of high-quality ceramic materials with longer service life, faster melting speed, constant melting speed and excellent resistance to drastic temperature changes.


We have a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from to meet your needs. Using our high quality and cost-effective fire assay crucibles will increase your productivity and reduce production costs.


Xing Tai Long’s products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and can withstand the most harsh conditions, which can help you improve productivity and production safety. We will be your most reliable supplier.


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