Magnesia cupels
Magnesia cupels
Magnesia cupels
Magnesia cupels
Magnesia cupels
Magnesia cupels
Magnesia cupels

Magnesia cupels are a porous refractory for absorbing lead oxide when ash blows lead buckle. The main component of magnesia is magnesium oxide, which is a very good refractory and can resist the erosion of alkaline flux.


Lead oxide is a very strong alkaline flux. At high temperatures, the affinity between lead oxide and silica is very strong, which can invade the silicate in the cupel. There is more silicate in the ash cupel and cement cupel.


After blowing with this kind of cupel, there will be pits on the surface of the cupel and precious metals will be lost as a result. Using magnesia cupel, no such phenomenon after ash blowing, the surface is very smooth.

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Parameter Property Specification
Made of Magnesite. High refractoriness(1100 centigrade degrees) 6A,7A,8A,9A cupel are available from stock.
Used for smelting and assaying. Rapid absorption(70%)
High thermal shock resistance. The recovery rate of 97%-98.5% 6 holes cupel block, 12 holes cupel block, 24 holes cupel block, and multiple samples can be blown at the same time, especially suitable for testing institutions with large assay volume
Magnesia: ≥95%. Easy to use
Silica, Silicon dioxide: 0-5% . Without milling

Two magnesia cupels, Two pieces of magnesia cupels,

7A, 8A, 9A, Z40; 12 holes cupel block; 24 holes cupel block; Have our own large area of the independent warehouse, mass production, greatly reduce costs, meet customer needs at any time.

The magnesia cupels are usually packed in 200,300,500 PCS per carton, which are finally packed in a wooden pallet with 100% safety packaging. Also can be customized according to the customer packaging, more humane, more to meet customer requirements.

We have a large supply in stock. Factory-direct sales.

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