Good chemical stability 95% 99% alumina ceramic tube
Good chemical stability 95% 99% alumina ceramic tube
Good chemical stability 95% 99% alumina ceramic tube
Good chemical stability 95% 99% alumina ceramic tube
Good chemical stability 95% 99% alumina ceramic tube
Good chemical stability 95% 99% alumina ceramic tube
Good chemical stability 95% 99% alumina ceramic tube

High purity 95% 99% ceramic alumina tube parantmenters

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Alumina ceramic tube
Alumina ceramics are divided into two kinds: high purity and ordinary type.

1. High purity alumina ceramics Al2O3 content in 99.9% above the ceramic material, due to its sintering temperature as high as 1650-1990 ℃, transmission wavelength of 1~6μm, generally made of molten glass to replace the platinum crucible: the use of its light transmittance and alkali metal corrosion resistance as sodium lamp tube;In the electronic industry can be used as integrated electric roadbed board and high frequency insulation materials.

2. Ordinary alumina ceramics according to the content of Al2O3 is divided into 99 porcelain, 97 porcelain, 95 porcelain and other varieties, sometimes Al2O3 content in 80% or 75% is also classified as ordinary alumina ceramics series.Among them, 99 alumina porcelain materials are used for making high temperature crucible, furnace tube and special wear-resisting materials, such as ceramic bearings, ceramic seals and water valve plates, etc.95 alumina porcelain is mainly used for corrosion resistance, wear resistance parts;Due to the addition of talc, the electrical properties and mechanical strength are improved. It can be sealed with molybdenum, niobium, tantalum and other metals, and some of them can be used as electrical vacuum devices.Main performance index about alumina ceramic tube:

Al2o3 content % 70-75 85 95 99.7
Density(g/cm3) 3.0 3.4 3.7 3.9
Bending Strength(Mpa) 85N/MM2 300 364 450
The coefficient of thermal expansion(20O0C-80O0C) 6 7 7.6 8
Thermal conductivity (W/(m.R) 17 18 20 35
Dielectric Strength (kv/mm) 9 10 11 12
Working Temperature 0C (Long time use) 1300 1400 1600 1750
Water Absorption 5 <0.2 <0.2 <0.1-0.2

Specification OD (mm) ID (mm) Length (mm) Remark
Thermocouple protection tube 7-120 5-110 10-2000 we can

customize as per your requirements!


Insulated tube Single hole 3-120 1-110 10-2000
Double holes 2-10 0.5 - 2 10-2000
Four holes 2-10 0.5 -2 10-2000

2.Acidproof alkali corrosion
3.High temperature (1600-1700 degree centigrade)
4.Good chemical stability
5.High insulation
6.Strong adsorption capacity

Thermocouple protection tube, furnace tube, element support tube, insulator, fish spine beads, crucible, metal transfer assembly, kiln furniture, cotton batting, support beam, regulator, furnace fittings, nozzle, filter, lead through tube

Electrical and electronic applications:
Element support tubes, insulators, ceramic struts, lead through tubes, connector modules, heater support elements, high temperature electrical insulators

Mechanical application:
Sealing, bearing, pump shaft, valve assembly, pipe lining
Ceramic thermocouple tubes are used to manufacture temperature measuring and control equipment and are designed with alumina or silicate ceramics.They can be used from the pipe as RTD resistance temperature sensors and resistance thermometers (RTD = resistance temperature equipment).

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