Fire Assay Crucible
  • Glass industry clay cross mouth crucible for melting glass
    Is by the chamotte, pyrophyllite, kaolin, made from ball clay materials such as the melting of the glass container, has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance to erosion, the existing technology of clay crucible are handmade molding, refractory can reach 1700 degrees, it is usually possible to use more than a…
  • Manufacturer Lowest Price 68% 75% 80% 92% Inert Al2O3 Grinding High Alumina Ceramic Ball
    Alumina oxide (AL2O3) is a top choice of ceramic balls due to its high corrosion resistance and high operating temperature capabilities. Precision alumina oxide balls are used where a material that resists abrasion, corrosion, and oxidation is required. Balls manufactured from alumina oxide typically are selected for high-temperature environments and…
  • Fire Assay Crucible για χρυσή τήξη
    01 | ● ● ● Ανάλυση πολύτιμων μετάλλων 02 | Εργαστήριο Μεταλλείων 03 | ● ● ● Εργαστηριακές δοκιμές 04 | ● ● ● Ανάλυση ορυκτών 05 | ● ● ● Δοκιμασία πυρκαγιάς 06 | ● ● ● Χρυσό στοιχείο ανάλυσης Fire Assay Crucible Process Type Rolling…
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