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  • Алуминиева керамична тръба
Алуминиева керамична тръба
  • Алуминиев керамичен диск
    Alumina ceramic disc is a good solution to the problems of high corrosion and high solid content wear in soda production process, especially in the salt water and distillation process, ceramic valve core destroyed any kind of corrosion and wear resistant alloy material of the valve core, so that the…
  • Добра химическа стабилност 95% 99% алуминиева керамична тръба
    Alumina ceramic tube Alumina ceramics are divided into two kinds: high purity and ordinary type. 1. High purity alumina ceramics Al2O3 content in 99.9% above the ceramic material, due to its sintering temperature as high as 1650-1990 ℃, transmission wavelength of 1~6μm, generally made of molten glass to replace the…
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