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  • Searching For Fire Assaying Crucible Manufacturer?

    What Is Fire Assaying? Fire assaying is a quantitative determination in which one or more metals are separated from impurities by melting process and weighed to determine the content of the original sample. Fire assay crucible is a special tool for fire assaying.   Fire assaying is a popular method to determine the…
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  • How To Choose The Best Magnesia Cupels?

    Xing Tai Long offers high purity refractory magnesia cupels at the most competitive prices, which are made from high-grade raw materials (burned magnesite / magnesia) and special fluxes. Cupels is a container made of magnesite, ashes or other materials, which is used to separate precious metals during fire analysis. Their porous properties…
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  • What Is Magnesia Cupel?

    Magnesia cupels are made of a special mixture of Magnesium Oxide and fluxing ingredients that are used for smelting and assaying. Because of their specialty, magnesia cupels are widely applied for precious metal analysis, mineral assaying, gold assaying, fire assaying, mining laboratory and laboratory testing. Functions of Magnesia Cupels The…
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  • Commonly used equipment in fire assay

    1.Trial furnace and ash blowing furnace The high-temperature soot-blowing furnace used for testing is generally called the muffle furnace. The materials from various countries have been introduced to a certain extent and have certain technical requirements. The literature pointed out that "ash-blowing furnace—a muffle furnace type furnace. This furnace should…
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  • Using The Gold Assaying Crucible

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  • Method of fire assay ingredients

    Three fire assay ingredients methods   The compounding method of the assay must be determined according to the nature of the sample, and the number of various reagents added should be calculated according to the required silicic acidity range. The operating procedure is to fill in the form and then…
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  • Crucible main purpose

    Crucible is an important part of chemical instruments. It is a vessel for melting and refining liquid metal and heating and reacting between solid and liquid. It is the basis for ensuring the smooth progress of chemical reactions. application (1) Burning solid matter (2) Evaporation, concentration or crystallization of the…
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  • What is a quartz crucible

    Quartz crucible has the advantages of high purity, strong temperature resistance, large size, high precision, good heat preservation, energy-saving, stable quality, etc., and it is more and more widely used. The inspection of quartz crucible is a very important link, and the inspection of quartz crucible is developing in the…
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